Eating disorders are a latent reality of which one must be very careful. Currently, there is a great influence on social networks and the internet in general in some cases have worked as means to tease about the physical appearance of someone, especially young people, creating them little by little a complexion with their body from which this type of eating disorders.

Or the influence of some personal and family problems can also negatively influence young people, choosing to apply this type of “lifestyle” that actually gradually destroys the person. Weight obsession develops diseases such as bulimia or anorexia, which are harming health.

A balanced and healthy diet is essential for all people, in order to maintain healthy lifestyles without any type of disease development and with high defenses; besides being a great mental influencer.

Because these types of disorders create mental traumas, which even in many cases they cannot control their actions. That’s why it’s very important you intervene in case you see a family member, friend or acquaintance is going through examples like these.

That’s why we have created this company that’s basically oriented to food in general, with specialists in eating disorders to deal with various cases. The important thing is to intervene immediately to avoid serious misfortunes in the future.

And in Transitions Counseling, we have a totally specialized team, professional, responsible, that perfectly handle this difficult area. Even getting to work with important personalities of Hollywood that have been kept confidential by respect to the decision of the people.

These eating disorders are totally familiar with negative things, not only are happening with the health or physical person, but also with negative thoughts that can scare anyone and should be monitored to avoid acts that end in misfortune.

Basically, there are different types of people, who take refuge in food or are very self-critical, demanding and perfectionist with their physical, but both come from a level of internal insecurity they manage and cannot control, so they manifest with this type of things.

That’s why we offer our services totally to provide help to anyone who really needs it with a fully trained medical and psychological staffs that can help you prevent misfortunes that end in greater severity.

Our main objective is to help the physical and mental recovery of people who are suffering from this type of disorders, with various forms and professional tools to be able to finish, reduce or avoid any of these types of diseases related to weight or physical person.

Our website will be our main platform so that you can learn more about our services, special cases or recommendations. My name is Francisco Aguilar and I’m happy to know each other.

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