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It’s a very important topic that needs to be taken with great seriousness and responsibility, to provide help to people we have around us and possibly falls victim to diseases such as bulimia or anorexia and also can seriously affect their health and their life in general.

Specialized attention

First of all, you should receive professional help from nutritionists and psychologists; it’s also advisable to do exercises constantly to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. The diets that always leave you hungry aren’t necessary; the important thing is you eat healthily.

Symptoms or diseases that you can develop

These types of diseases are even more common among our social groups, although we cannot see it; and many aren’t aware of how much it’s affecting their health negatively.

You can even develop symptoms or diseases such as heart problems, low blood pressure, hair loss, brittle nails, loss of skin color, dehydration, depression, lanugos, cessation of menstrual periods, weak bones and more dangerous things.