Dear Patient,

 Your physician or other health professional has referred you to counseling as an important adjunct to your medical treatment. Those practitioners who are most current in their field are aware of the impact psychological stress can have on the body, both playing a part in everyday ailments and in the emergence of major illness.

 Psychological stress is a part of everyday life for us, and when it becomes an issue of medical concern, a referral for counseling is indicated. This does not confirm that you are mentally ill or psychiatrically impaired. The most common purpose for seeing a counselor is to get help with your problems BEFORE they can play a part in the emergence of serious illness. And, if you are already seriously ill, counseling can help in healing process. If your physician has prescribed medication to ease your psychological distress, in most cases your relief will be confined to your symptoms, without resolving the source of your problems. Your referral to TRANSITIONS Personal & Family Counseling Services by your physician or other health professional represents his or her opinion that counseling is an essential part of your healing process.

 You are entitled to have answers to all your questions about counseling before we began our work together. Please feel free to call, without obligations, in order to receive answers to those questions. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions. Sessions last about an hour and they typically are charged on a sliding fee scale that is based on gross family income. The first session is 90 minutes and the first half-hour of that session is free, as it is important that you come to feel comfortable about working with me before you feel financially obligated. As part of this, you will receive an orientation booklet, which covers the counseling experience in detail: including what you can expect; my background and training; confidentiality issues and the sliding fee scale ($60 to $20 per hour). By the end of the first session, you can expect to feel some sense of hope.

 In closing this brief note, I want to let you know that the shared trust and to the opportunity to participate in, and witness, the growth and recovery of another human being is a sacred honor to me. My experience in this work (almost a quarter century) has taught me that there is no tragedy so great, no shame so deep, and no pain so overwhelming but that the human spirit can break through to the light. May it be so with you, as I trust it will.

With Deepest Personal Regard,

Granville Angell, Ed.S., L.P.C., N.C.C. 704-735-1554 - call for email address

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