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 What Are Your Risks In Seeking Help These Days? -

A Quick Web Site Synopsis and Update Exploring the Risks and Options

    Has life become overwhelming or difficult enough for you to consider seeking help?

    Do changes in healthcare over recent years have you wondering about privacy, confidentiality and whether help is worth the cost?

    Seeking professional help should not add to your problems, it should reduce them. 

    You should know the choices and risks in seeking professional help.

    You can use your benefit plan, but you must ask yourself: Is it worth it to you?

    Is it worth the complications that come with public intrusion of managed care and insurance companies into your private life, with their requirements of labeling you with a mental illness diagnosis and having rights to your records?  Is it worth the risk of having self-serving finance and insurance companies, along with your banker and your employer, even your neighbor, being aware of your personal life and your unnecessary psychiatric diagnosis?  

    I invite you to choose counseling with one of the few remaining independent practitioners who have refused to become involved in the unethical policies and practices of managed care.

    Some years ago, when managed care began its move to take over local healthcare, including mental healthcare, I made a decision.  For professional ethical and moral reasons, I refused to become involved. I have relied on providing enough information about the risks so that visitors to this site can make a truly informed choice.  Once people have a thorough understanding of the risks, they frequently do not use their benefits package to fund their counseling.  Especially when they know they have better, safer options. 

    Simply put, when it comes to Big Business, especially in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, your interests do not come first.  Because I love my counseling work and I love people, I put you first.  I hold sacred the privacy of your personal life conflicts and concerns.  My services are offered up front, without double-talk, so you know what you are getting before we begin.  Things like a commitment to stand by you throughout your period of crisis and recovery no matter how short or long that may be.  And an affordable, sliding fee scale below the going rate, based on your family income.  The first half hour of your first session is free because its important that you come to feel that we can work together before you become financially committed. Here, you dont need a psychiatric diagnosis as a requirement for receiving counseling    only sincerity in your desire to work through your situation.  Finally, your privacy and confidentiality and your personal rights are so important to me that I have staked my career on these things. 

    Beyond that, what can I offer you as you consider seeking professional help?

    I have more than a generation of experience helping people find hope, of helping them through changes in their lives; of helping them put their lives back together.

    From my heart, as a professional counselor, I offer you help to find your own way through your difficult times.

    I offer you confidence in your ability to do it.

    My experience in this work has taught me that there is no tragedy so great, no shame so deep, and no pain so overwhelming but that the power of the human spirit can break through to the light.

    May it be so with you, as I trust it will.

     With Deepest Personal Regard,

    Granville Angell, Ed.S., L.P.C., N.C.C.

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