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Welcome to the TRANSITIONS Counseling Online Resource Links!

Every effort has been made to develop this links page into a comprehensive gateway to a spectrum of counseling, psychological, personal growth and recovery-oriented interests. This is a growing page, and since the Net is constantly changing, I cannot guarantee a successful link in every case. These sites were reviewed at the time of listing to determine that they are child-safe (but remember all links connect to links…).

I chose sites that might be of use to you that ALSO are in accord with my training, theoretical orientation and focus of practice. If you are considering working with me in counseling, your feeling in-sync with these sites may be a sign of therapeutic compatibility. The content you can find at these sites will be helpful to you if you are still working on the idea of entering counseling, and if you are already in counseling, it will likely enhance your progress.

1.The first section will allow you to explore sites dealing with different psychological approaches to counseling, along with providing information pertaining to specific problem areas.

2.Section two provides site-links to various self-help resources, from reading and multi-media resources to networking opportunities.

3.Section three covers sites that explore the hazards of managed care in mental health.

4.Section four lists some Internet Resources for Life-Enhancement, Inspiration and Fun. Don't underestimate the capacity of these resources to help support you, whether you are considering counseling or already involved in some formal counseling process!

The Anxiety-Panic Internet Resource Check this if you are struggling with significant anxiety and/or panic attacks.
Mental Health Net Comprehensive guide to Mental Health online
Anxiety Network Resources and links on common anxiety disorders
Alfred Adler Institute of San Francisco Great information on Adlerian philosophy and approaches
American Counseling Association Organization of the Counseling Profession/ resource for counseling inquiry
American Psychological Association Resource for psychological inquiry
Alcoholics Anonymous (Home)

Alcoholics Anonymous (Unofficial)

This is an excellent place to start if you or yours may have a drinking problem. Here, you can explore your concerns in privacy and find links to meetings in your area.
National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Useful information on PTSD from the Department of Veterans Affairs
National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information A major home page serving access to resources in addictions


Sanctuary Psychiatric Centers Information about mental health and mental illness
Self-Injury Information site on self-injury, with links
Domestic violence

Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Crisis and Abuse Resources

Rape Crisis Resources

Links page on different aspects of violence

The National Hotline for survivors of sexual assault

Don't wait to call if you need help!

Links and resources to call regarding child abuse, sexual abuse, crisis lines, missing and run-away etc.

Info on rape trauma, sexual harassment, abuse: support advocacy, action

Have A Heart's Depression Resource A rest-stop for the depressed and suicidal
Chris's Suicide Help Page

Gay and Lesbian Issues

Culture, Diversity and Multiculturalism

Support on a personal level, articles

Comprehensive link library

Language and Education Links covering a significant amount of resources and organizations

Marital Disillusionment (About.com)

The Couples Place




Articles and resources for change

A site that shares stories of successful marriages



Comprehensive divorce information

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Boundary Institute

Nonprofit organization promoting research and knowledge about human consciousness; A major resource for cutting edge information.            Cutting edge research in consciousness and metaphysics
Personality & Consciousness Information on various theorists and approaches
Client-Centered Therapy Article and resources based on Carl Roger's methods and on other Humanistic methods
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. Advancing the works of this great pioneer in clinical hypnosis
Hakomi Therapy A site detailing this powerful, holistic, approach to psychotherapy
Psychosynthesis Web page featuring Roberto Assagioli's Transpersonal approaches to therapy
Carl Jung Comprehensive resource for Jungian psychology on the Net
AGAPE Homeward Bound Ministries Positive, uplifting messages and connections
Alternative Counseling Therapies

Massage Therapy and Healing Through Touch

Huge links page to a diversity of cutting edge, unusual and cutting edge approaches

Bodywork and somatic therapies are a valuable complimentary component to the psychotherapies.

CounselorNet Links to CACREP homepage, listservs, web links for counselors, journal links, etc.
How to find a Good Marriage Counselor Article by Willard F. Harley, Jr., PhD (Marriage Builders)
Netlinks on Marriage Resources, articles, links: marriage & divorce
Smart Marriages


The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education - A very informative site
LD Online

Special Needs Education

The interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers and children: resources, links, articles, etc.

A variety of links and resources

Learning Disabilities Resources Resources for the learning disabilities community
Journey of Hearts An online healing place for anyone grieving a loss  An online work of art, this is a very inspirational, healing site by Kirsti A. Dyer, MD.
NMHA Information Center (on grief) Coping with Loss -- Bereavement & Grief
Growth House.org


"The internet's leading portal for end of life care." Resources for life-threatening illness and end of life care
National Mental Health Association

Mental Health Organizations

Fact sheets, articles on a broad range of mental health topics

Large links site to M. H. Organizations

HealthGate Major online source for health, wellness, and biomedical information . . .contains info on conventional and alternative medicine
Ask Dr. Weil A highly respected M.D., qualified in conventional and alternative medicine, hosts an informative and dynamic web site.
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill 140,000 member-strong organization working for improved treatment and research in M.I.
Emotional Support Guide



Guides and links to stress management and emotional wellness
2. SELF-HELP RESOURCES Resources/publications for self help
Body, Mind and Spirit Resource Directory The Self-Help and Support section of a large comprehensive online directory, including some  out content!
Amazon.Com "Earth's Biggest Bookstore" Order online.
Whole Person Associates Excellent resources for self-help. Order Online of from printed catalog.
New Harbinger Publications Good listing of self-help psychology and health publications
The Simple Living Network Earth-friendly resources and services to help you live a comfortable, less consumptive life.
The MoodGYM Training Program


 An online state-of-the-art interactive cognitive behavioral therapy program to help adolescents and adults understand their moods and thinking patterns.  Fascinating, helpful and FREE
The Affluenza Project

PBS Affluenza Website

Two web sites discuss and offer recovery resources for the devastating "psycho"-virus that is sweeping our nation and undermining our sense of wellbeing.


Voluntary Simplicity Links


Connections to help you live with less and be happy

A major site with numerous helps and links

College study skills, parenting resources, counseling resources

Counseling Resources - K-12

Useful information on these topics, resources from the University of Chicago, but relevant to all
The Positive Futures Network Founded on the belief that humanity in the midst of an historic transition . . .
Yahoo's Self Help directory: Mental Health or Personal Growth


A comprehensive listing of sites providing mental health and personal growth content. From here, you can launch your own search on the great Yahoo.
3.MANAGED CARE HAZARDS A listing of sites that document the negative impact of managed care on health/mental health care delivery.
The National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals & Consumers, Inc.


The definitive resource for information on the impact of managed care on mental health treatment
Don't Let Them Take Your Mind and Spirit: On Being Called A "Provider"

How Managed Care Wrecks Our Lives

By Karen Shore, PhD, one of the holdouts against this unethical system

By Granville Angell, EdS, LPC, NCC -- My  personal and professional account

Listing of Managed Care Articles From the NCMHP&C
The Myths of Managed Mental Health Care


An informative article on the comprehensive CCEMHC web site -- This site includes a lot of pertinent resources.
4.RESOURCES FOR LIFE-ENHANCEMENT, INSPIRATION AND FUN We all need special activities and interests that inspire us, heal us, and add to life fulfillment for us. These sites represent a few of mine, some of which might be of interest to you.
LandyVision's Uplifting Films™ A guide to films that make you feel good by Diana Oestreich-Landy & Elliot Landy
Touched By An Angel Website

The Near-death Experience

Exploring the World Beyond

While we're on the subject of uplifting, this program is among the most inspirational to hit TV-land.                                                                     Web site of near-death researcher P.M.H. Atwater. Cutting-edge and illuminating information

James Van Praagh's web site.  This afterlife sensitive presents as authentic in every way.  What do you think? An open mind is essential here!

Random Acts of Kindness Page

Angels Camp Official Kindness Zone

Random Acts of Kindness Project

Random Acts of Kindness w/ Oprah Winfrey


1001 Virtual Postcards (Free)

Angel Ring

Angels For Peace

Join the kindness revolution! We hear so much about negative aspects of the world in the news, but there also is a spiritual revolution of everything positive. Look for evidence of this world polarization and make a decision about your place here. These web pages will inspire you to try things that can give you joy and peace of mind. The feeling of unity and fulfillment that service brings has more potential for creating a sense of wellbeing than all of the psychotherapies ever devised! The angels at Conari Press describe random acts of kindness as, "Those little sweet or grand lovely things we do for no reason except that, momentarily, the best of our humanity has sprung, exquisitely, into full bloom."

If we begin by practicing these acts at home, then by-all-means extend our practices out into the world, we will find that occurrences of our acts of kindness become no longer random, but out of our very nature; the very nature of Life.

Celebration of Oneness - Angels for Peace Links

The Braindance Site

Family Humor Archive

Mental Health Humor

Humor has powerful healing properties, psychologically and physically. Surprise and delight are key ingredients, often combined with a topic involving unresolved conflict. Being able to laugh allows us to open up to our discomfort, or surprise, and tension is released. Check out these clean-humor (Yahoo-identified) sites. Some are wild/wacky, or strange, or even spiritual. All are funny. See if a tour through the cyber-humor realm lightens life a little for you!


Ray Lynch's Home Page

Serenity Healing Music

The Magic of Healing Music

Iasos and Celestial Music

Music Therapy InfoLink

Expressive Therapy Concepts

Who of us would deny the apparent healing potential of music? Over recent years, this awareness has been blossoming into a science. These pages link you to people who create healing music (listen to samples of their work) and to others who use music directly as a therapeutic tool. Perhaps the samples and themes will connect with you.
The Garden as a Healing Place

Circle of Life Foundation

Project Nature Connect

Horticultural Therapy

Earth Island Institute

So much of our suffering these days comes at least partly because of our being so out of contact with nature. These links are but a few connections you can make toward including nature as a part of your healing process. From Dr. Marilyn Barrett's inspiring article on experiencing healing through the garden setting, to exploring links for approaches that best meet your needs, you can begin that reconnection here.

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