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Regardless of current-day trends and practices, parenthood remains the most important profession on Earth.  Even for the most dedicated and competent among us, parenthood is an endless process of joy and grief.  The child who rose out of bed this morning is not the same child we tuck into bed at night. Of all the tasks we undertake in life, none commands our total presence so much as parenting - lest we regret most, among the things we didn't do in life, our failure to witness and participate in Creation's most meaningful invitation to a human being.

To Kalina and Marielle

Day’s End On Table Rock – 1997


The day draws to a close,

As crimson tints weave themselves

Into deepening golden sun beams

And shadows draw long on the sacred mountaintop.

My adolescent daughters huddle close

As the day of their childhood

Draws nigh into the chill air

Of uncertain adulthood.

How do they keep alive the memories

Of their day in the sun –

Intangible childhood treasures

That fade in the lengthening shadows of youth?

How can I comfort them that those treasures will emerge,

Sanctified by the dawning of adulthood’s sun?

Is it the warmth in their closeness

Or in the surrounding light that jolts me?

It is my day that ends as well –

In a melancholy comfort

That once needful daughters

Remain sisters forever.

Granville Angell © 2003


How could the soul not take flight     When from the glorious presence               A soft call flows sweet as honey, comes right up to her                                            And whispers, 'Rise up now, come away.'




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