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Anomalies, Ironies and Loose Threads

Life is full of strange little ironies.  Sometimes, you pull at a loose thread and it improves your appearance.  Other times, your sweater unravels.  Over the past week, I pulled at a thread and strange things began to happen.

It began last Wednesday night, as I was counseling a couple in my country office.  Bright movement suddenly caught my eye through the pitch blackness beyond the sliding glass door on the north side of the building.  A spot of blue-white light had appeared, then rapidly expanded to form an oval, which then grew a comet-like tail as it traveled from a westerly to easterly direction.

I exclaimed in horror as I ran to the glass door to get a better look, as I initially thought it was a jet going down.  It became brighter and larger, arcing across the sky in a shallow descent from about 30 degrees above the horizon, finally disappearing behind distant trees.  The swirling colors of blues and whites were spectacular and the object appeared more like something entering the atmosphere than a falling jet, but I decided to play it safe and call 911. 

The next day, Channel Six called and visited me after hearing my 911 report.  Others had also called in the incident and by that evening, it was on the news – complete with Twilight Zone sound effects.  Their website streamed our 911 calls, back to back and posted a photo somebody took..  Do you know that feeling when you pull a loose thread on your sweater and it keeps coming out as you feel that subtle sliding feeling in the area around it? You wish you could push it back in, but you can’t.  

When they aired the segment, of course it was nothing like I imagined it would be.  Yes, it’s a little disorienting to hear your 911 call being voiced over a scene of the trees in your back yard. The segment ended while I was trying to figure out how I was voiced over the old fart shown sitting in my office. Whew!  Who knew? At least that was over.

The next day, CNN called.  They had acquired the intelligence gathered by Channel 6, complete with website data.  They were flying down to interview sighting witnesses, and would I consider doing an interview?  “Your fifteen minutes is not up,” he quipped.  (“Well, since you put it that way,” I was supposed to say.  It was beginning to feel like I was losing the sleeve off my sweater.  I wonder if glue would help?)

I stalled a little, letting him give me more details to the growing story.   It seems there were a number of witnesses.  I ventured that I thought it might be a meteor – possibly, a copper-carrying bolide, although the colors weren’t right, since I didn’t see any green.  He asked if it might be a real UFO (I assumed he meant the ones the aliens ride in).  “I think it was probably a meteor of some type,” I assured him, thinking the story might go away.  The weight of the irony was becoming overwhelming for me.

Although he was interested in my story because of my aviation and psychology backgrounds, I just had to tell him that I am also a Research Specialist with the Mutual UFO Network – hoping my opinion of the sighting might gain more credibility.  (Our own George Fawcett, of Lincolnton, founded the NC chapter of this international research organization.) I suggested that he might interview an atmospheric scientist – preferably not government connected.  His chuckle in response to that was familiar.  Where had I heard that before? Surely no! –  was the press finally becoming seriously interested in UFOs? I dared not ask, but I did acquiesce to his request for an interview.   

I thought of it as a reprieve when he didn’t call until the first of this week.  Maybe he discovered evidence supporting the meteor theory, I thought.  I’m off the hook. But the CNN producer called again  I suggested maybe the story was getting too old to be of interest. Not at all, he assured me – saying there had been a number of anomalous sightings around the country recently and they were investigating these.  He mentioned the recent significant sighting of a UFO at Chicago-O’Hare Airport – probably of the real alien type, since it had been described as a metallic, disc-shaped object, hovering over Gate  C17 before it punched a hole in the clouds when it shot straight up. 

So, maybe you would like to concentrate on these, I ventured, and leave the probable meteor sighting alone.  Not at all.  He explained he especially wanted to interview me because of my scientific background.  I was flattered, I guess.  And about to be outed. 

As I prepare to be interviewed (as of this moment), it is a mystery as to where this CNN story will take us.  For me, it is ironic because I have maintained a rather low public profile with regard to my MUFON activities, in spite of a lifetime of experience investigating the UFO phenomenon.  It is ironic because I am now about to interviewed about what I presently perceive as a natural event by a press that seems to be UFO hunting.  It is also gratifying.

After many years of tongue-in-cheek humor, at best, and ridicule, at worst, the press and the media are beginning to take a serious look at the UFO phenomenon.  More and more of us are coming to realize that we are not alone in this universe.  Short of our spiritual quests, which we will come to learn involves embracing the above, nothing has more potential to transform the human story.   

In a world where we are daily reminded of our struggles to get along with each other, we are on the threshold of discovering company among the stars.  As humanity on this planet reaches critical mass in its awareness of this reality, there will be no words beyond “awesome” sufficient-enough to describe the impact this experience will have on us.  For many years, apparently well-meaning governments have acted on the belief that common humanity is not up to this formidable task. Many of us feel differently.

So, come the interview, I expect to talk about the UFO that wasn’t –  to talk about the apparent bolide entering the Earth’s atmosphere in a spectacular display before it burned itself out.  Most UFO sightings are explainable as natural events, but many are not.  If we are serious about knowing the truth, we have to call things as we see them.  You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and you can’t make a flying saucer out of a falling bolide.  Trust me:  the real deal is spectacular enough to convince anyone with eyes to see and an open mind. 

We can’t always know, when we pull the loose threads in our lives, whether our lives will become neater or become unraveled.  But sometimes, we just have to pull that thread.


Granville Angell   © 01/2007


Granville Angell, EdS, LPC, NCC, is the local author of The God-Shaped Hole – A Story of Comfort for The Child in All of Us. Email him:  angell(AT)transitions-counseling.com, call his private practice, TRANSITIONS , at 704-276-1164; visit his web site: www.transitions-counseling.com, where you can read prior articles.


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